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TC Pride 2012 Recap + MOCC News

Hello everyone! We hope you aren’t too sunburned from last week’s TC Pride 2012 festivities! We had a fantastic time at the Festival in Loring Park meeting all of you and hearing your stories. Thank you for stopping by and visiting us.

Unfortunately, when we returned Sunday morning to table again we discovered that our supply box, which contains our tabling materials, brochures, MOCC flyers, and email sign up sheets, was missing. We are currently working with the TC Pride Executive Director to find out more information. While we were sad at the loss, we stayed at out all day Sunday! We’ve still got our Pride! We will post a more formal response soon as we find out more details. If you signed up on our email list, please contact us again so we can be in touch! Reach out to us at info@mncampusalliance.org

By the way, have a fabulous MOCC workshop idea? Proposal applications are live now! Go to this page, https://mncampusalliance.wordpress.com/mocc/, to find out how to submit yours! Registration dates will be announced in July.


Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference 2009 Planning Underway

McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul is proud to host the Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference in 2009. We are currently looking for 2 Conference Coordinators:

Conference Coordinators (2)

The Conference Coordinators’ responsibilities include co-chairing the Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference Planning Committee (MOCC); and leading efforts to plan the upcoming annual MOCC; working with Coordinators on fundraising, budget development, and branding, among other things.  The two Conference Coordinators have one collective vote on the Board.

Eligibility Requirements

One of the Conference Coordinators, at the time of one’s election, must be a registered student, staff, or faculty member at the host institution for the upcoming MOCC.  The other, at the time of one’s election, must be a resident of the state of Minnesota or primarily engaged within the state of Minnesota.

Please email info@mncampusalliance.org if you interested in running for this position.

Join us! Run for the Campus Alliance Board

Have you ever considered being involved with the Minnesota GLBTA Campus Alliance? The events and services we offer to campuses across the state is all thanks to the talented leadership on the MN Campus Alliance board who help make it all possible. We need your talent! If you want to get involved and help make a difference with us, this might be the opportunity you’re looking for!

Elections for the 2008-2009 Board will open November 8 at the Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference in Mankato, MN. Cast your vote by attending, or add your name to the ballot and help take our GLBTA statewide network to the next level. Students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members alike are all encouraged to run for positions in communications, finance, outreach, and many more.

For more information, check your 2008 MOCC program guide or visit our website at http://www.mncampusalliance.org.