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MOCC 2012 Feature Presenter: Bloggers from Everyone is Gay

With the support of Campus Pride, Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid from the blog Everyone Is Gay will have a featured presentation at MOCC 2012 on Saturday October 13.

Taken from their web site:

HISTORY: Founded in 2010 by Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid, Everyone Is Gay began as an advice website for all with an emphasis on LGBTQ youth. Through an integration of humor, honesty, and pictures of kittens on several social media outlets, Kristin and Dannielle found that they were able to support these youth while keeping them laughing. In 2011, Everyone Is Gay began visiting schools and community centers to reach a larger audience and to continue promoting a message of equality.

VISION: Everyone Is Gay envisions and works to create a future where people are kind to one another, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity; a future where we allow ourselves to connect across socially constructed divides through laughter and honesty; a future where human equality is realized through accessible, daily acts of change.

MISSION: Everyone Is Gay is an advice website for all, with an emphasis on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) youth. The website uses humor and honesty to support these youth, to dialogue with others in the LGBTQ community, and to simultaneously keep everyone laughing. Everyone Is Gay also works to increase awareness at high school and college campuses through an ongoing, nationwide tour.

Source: About Us!

Don’t forget to check out fabulous MOCC2012 sponsor, Campus Pride:

Campus Pride represents the only national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization for student leaders and campus groups working to create a safer college environment for LGBT students. The organization is a volunteer-driven network “for” and “by” student leaders. The primary objective of Campus Pride is to develop necessary resources, programs and services to support LGBT and ally students on college campuses across the United States.

Founded in the Fall of 2001 and launched a year later in October of 2002, Campus Pride started as an online community and resource clearinghouse under the name Campus PrideNet.  The original founding partners were M. Chad Wilson, Sarah E. Holmes & Shane L. Windmeyer. In 2006, the organization broadened its outreach efforts and restructured as the current educational non-profit organization Campus Pride.  As part of the restructuring process, the Lambda 10 Project for LGBT Fraternity & Sorority Issues (www.lambda10.org) became an educational initiative of Campus Pride.  The executive director is national LGBT civil rights leader and campus pioneer Shane L. Windmeyer.

Source: What is Campus Pride?


LGBT-Friendly College Admissions Fair on Friday, October 3

The MN Campus Alliance is proud to be host to Campus Pride’s Midwest LGBT-Friendly College Admission Fair on Friday, October 3 from 2:00–5:00pm.  It is being held at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in Coffman Memorial Union’s Great Hall.

The Fair is a great opportunity for youth and those interested in attending an institution of higher education to learn about the services the nearly 40 participating colleges and universities from around the country have to offer the LGBT and allied community.  Several workshops will also be offered throughout the Fair focusing on topics such as financial aid and writing personal statements.

The Fair is absolutely free, and participants will receive free beverages provided by PFund Foundation.

We hope to see as many youth and prospective collegians at the Fair as possible!