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Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference 2009 Planning Underway

McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul is proud to host the Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference in 2009. We are currently looking for 2 Conference Coordinators:

Conference Coordinators (2)

The Conference Coordinators’ responsibilities include co-chairing the Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference Planning Committee (MOCC); and leading efforts to plan the upcoming annual MOCC; working with Coordinators on fundraising, budget development, and branding, among other things.  The two Conference Coordinators have one collective vote on the Board.

Eligibility Requirements

One of the Conference Coordinators, at the time of one’s election, must be a registered student, staff, or faculty member at the host institution for the upcoming MOCC.  The other, at the time of one’s election, must be a resident of the state of Minnesota or primarily engaged within the state of Minnesota.

Please email info@mncampusalliance.org if you interested in running for this position.